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    Data Integration is one of the key enabler of Digital Transformation. The integration of large amount of data that most companies need to process with the various forms and standards of data is often a major barrier to achieve successful digital transformation.

    A recent "Satu Data Indonesia" is aimed at unlocking the value of public data in supporting economic growth as part of an increasingly importance of data as an economic asset. This will enhance company analytic capability.

    Data science and cloud computing essentially go hand in hand, as analysis and storage are the two important challenges for organizations large and small to grow. The exponential growth of data is the main challenge to the internal company infrastructure. For maximum flexibility, company need a platform that will scale according to the demands of the business. Ideally, this should be in terms of performance and capacity.

    Understanding those potential and challenges above are essential for business, public and students in order to plan the necessary initiatives to unlock the value of data.

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    In recent years, infrastructure best practices have shown an unwavering trend towards moving away from "simple" monoliths to "complex" microservices architecture. Microservices are broken-down applications that are easier to develop and maintain for programmers.

    For IT development and operations teams, containerization brings the most value in efficiency. It "provides a clean separation of concern" allowing developers to focus on their application logic and dependencies. IT operations teams now can focus of deployment and management without altering application details.

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    The increasing number of fintech in Indonesia requires relevant and up to date technology. Over time, fintech technology has weaknesses including high interest and data security.

    Fintech company needs to make differentiation from other fintech companies and so they can provide better service to consumers.

    This solution day offers an attractive solution for fintech companies to compete in the digital age

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