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    Business Productivities tools offer to you as a Service to increase your revenue and profit, reduce your cost & expand your market share. Improve your business agility and competitiveness without heavy burden on initial investment.

    About Datacomm Cloud Business

    Datacomm Cloud Business is a business division of PT. Datacomm Diangraha focusing on cloud opportunity in Indonesia that was founded on October 8th 2015.

    We believe that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the backbone of the Indonesian economy, are lacking in IT investment. Cloud Computing technology is opening possibilities for SMEs to start investing in IT, especially in mobility to boost efficiency, competitiveness and differentiation, as well as through social media to expand their market reach. This market is the highest growth engine for IT industry in Indonesia.

    Datacomm has a long-term commitment to drive the Indonesian market adoption of Cloud Computing because we believe that the technology will further fuel the Indonesian economic expansion.


    Why Us?

    • We are backed up by 25 years of experience and 350 professional people. With strong financial commitment and invested in it owns local Data Center you can rely your business continuity with us.
    • We also certified by international standard: ISO 9000, ISO 27001 and ISO 20000, to make sure you have confidence in your data security.

    Service Philosophy

    Our products are Enterprise Class, designed to be robust and scalable across large organization.
    Based on customers trust, we built our product on top of security in mind to make sure our products are secure from outside threats and data leaks.
    We invested in our owns local data center with local support, eliminating geographic and language barrier.
    • Agility & Scalability
      Easy to customize and limitless scalability enables seamless growth.
    • Continuous Service Level Improvementb
      We continually improves the effectiveness and efficiency of services and processes.
    • Pay as You Use
      Just pay for what you use. No high CapEx investement. No hidden fees.
    • Focus on Your Core Competence
      Build a better business, rest your technical problem with us.

    Why Datacomm Cloud Business ?

    Improving your company agility. Deploying your IT projects faster and easier.

    Enabling you to Leverage IT technology as your competitive advantage. Lowering barrier to enter. Move from Capex to Opex model.

    Improve Availability, Accessibility and Scalability to next level.

    Security is always top priority.

    We take care your IT needs. Allowing you to focus on your business.

    Extensive technical support. Our team resides in more than 15 cities throughout Indonesia.

    Management Team

    Tan Wie Tjin

    President Director

    Mr. Tan founded Datacomm in 1990 as a data communication reseller. His vision is to create the leading technology service provider. After 25 years, the company has transformed to be one of the largest player in Indonesia.

    Luk Phin Tirtokuntjoro

    Technical Director

    Mr Tirtokuntjoro served as Chief Technology Officer. His experience span more than 20 years in IT and Banking such as Unisys, Andromeda Bank and Data General. Currently he manages a very large Technical Expert team with very extensive skill sets.

    Hermen Rudolph

    Government Sales Director

    Mr. Rudolph joined Datacomm in 2009. With his leadership he successfully expand company business into government sector. Prior to joining Datacomm, Mr. Rudolph leads PT. Andhika Graha Teknindo, a subsidiary company of PT Datacomm Diangraha established in 1997.

    Handi Leman

    Finance Director

    Mr Leman spent most of his career in Datacomm. He is one of the company co-founder along with Mr Tan. Since then, he has been providing strategic and financial guidance to ensure the sustainability of the company.

    Sutedjo Tjahjadi

    Managing Director

    Responsible to manage Cloud Business, Mr. Tjahjadi has developed several business ventures from ground zero to multimillion dollar within a short span of time. A veteran with more than 25 years in IT Industry which include Cisco Systems, ADTRAN and Avaya

    Rizal Anjar Prapanca

    Telco Sales Director

    Mr. Prapanca manages sales division for telecommunication sector with more than 25 years of experiences. Over the years, he gains the trust from Indonesian largest telecommunication provider in building and maintaining their major telecommunication infrastructure.