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    Solution Day Innovative Financial Cloud Solution for BPR BPRS

    Menurut penelitian TI – DPNP -OJK, yang disadur oleh Perbarindo (Perhimpunan Bank Perkreditan Rakyat Indonesia), disebutkan bahwa terdapat kelemahan BPR/BPRS dalam sistem IT yang dapat mengakibatkan fraud atau error. Salah satunya adalah sistem tidak dapat memvalidasi data yang telah diinput serta sistem yang dimiliki masih memungkinkan untuk diintervensi atau dimanipulasi. Read More

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    Peraturan OJK Nomor 75/POJK.03/2016

    Amanat yang telah ditetapkan oleh Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) melalui Peraturan OJK Nomor 75/POJK.03/2016 tentang Standar Penyelenggaraan Teknologi Informasi Bagi Bank Perkreditan Rakyat dan Bank Pembiayaan Rakyat Syariah. Adapun bunyi dari peraturan tersebut adalah "Pasal 2 Ayat 1 peraturan tersebut menyebutkan BPR dan BPRS wajib menyelenggarakan teknologi informasi yang paling sedikit berupa aplikasi inti perbankan dan pusat data bagi BPR atau BPRS yang memiliki modal inti kurang dari Rp 50 miliar. Selain itu, bagi yang memiliki modal inti sedikitnya Rp 50 miliar, menyelenggarakan aplikasi inti perbankan, pusat data dan pusat pemulihan bencana. Read More

    Market Opportunities and Regulations Microfinance in Indonesia - Devi Erna Rachmawati

    Cooperative is a collection of people to work together for the common welfare. Indonesian cooperative was born on 12 July 1947. The cooperative business in Indonesia is based on Law No. 25 of 1992. Under these laws, cooperative growth become more flexible because cooperative societies are treated as same as other forms of business entities. Cooperatives in Indonesia has a strategic role in driving the economic pulse of the community and national development.The cooperative business model is the manifestation of the constitution, the 1945 Constitution Article 33, paragraph 1, which states that the economy is constructed as a joint venture on a family basis. Download

    Statistik Koperasi Simpan Pinjam Indonesia 2016 – Biro Pusat Statistic

    This paper provides a systematic assessment of market opportunities and regulations microfinance in Indonesia based on social economic, demographic conditions, potential SMEs Industry, market segmentation, market penetration and how new regulations microfinance in Indonesia. Indonesia has potential market for microfinance sector, with a range of commercial banks and over 60,000 MFIs, more than 28,07 million poor people or 11,37% from total population and more than 55,8 million microenterprises representing 98,79% of the total business industry in Indonesia. Download

    Challenges in MicroFinance - Ernst & Young

    We describe the latest trends in the microfinance industry and present how EY, as a key provider of services to microfinance institutions (MFIs) and microfinance investment vehicles (MIVs), has the knowledge and experience in handling the challenges you face. We also describe EY's position in the microfinance industry— sharing the services and support that we can provide. We share your passion for this fascinating industry and are eager to continue to work with you or to start a dialogue with you. To find out more, please call one of our global or regional contacts whose contact information can be found at the end of this brochure. Download

    Branchless Banking and Micro Finance - KPMG

    In this publication we take a look at the new Branchless Banking (Laku Pandai) regulations and the introduction of a Microfinance Law, which are intended as a catalyst for domestic banks to provide basic banking and insurance services to a higher number of low-income Indonesians in remote places. We consider the existing microfinance landscape, size of the opportunity and implications of the new regulations for existing and new players to the Indonesian market. We hope you find this publication helpful as you think about future opportunities and the shifting market dynamics in which we now operate. Download


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