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    Increase development agility with enterprise-grade, secure and scalable microservices architecture on a local cloud infrastructure.

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    Service Overview

    Container as a Service is a container-based managed solution. We will take care of all deployment needs so that you can focus on developing your product with a peace of mind. Powered by IBM Cloud Private, our solution is equipped with various features to support agile and flexible development with enterprise-level security.

    Today, it is expected for a service to be continuously updated and be constantly available. This is especially difficult in the past since services are built as a single, monolithic application, which becomes more complex as it grows. To solve this, the microservices architecture is created. This architecture breaks a large application to multiple small applications (called services) that focus on specific functions.

    These services are loosely coupled with one another, and can be independently updated, patched, and scaled. As such, the microservices architecture is simpler to deploy and update, and is also more scalable.

    To implement this architecture, the services are kept in containers that puts code into small, movable package. When a new service need to be created, a new container can simply be created. However, the number of containers will grow significantly as an application matures. This adds complexity to the orchestration, management, provisioning, and other deployment needs.

    It is important to have an implementation strategy that supports a reliable, agile, and scalable deployment with high availability. As such, it is ideal to have a system which covers all your development needs.

    What Can Cloudciti CaaS Do For You ?

    Cloudciti Container as a Service is equipped with the tools you need to develop containerized applications. With Docker, Kubernetes, and Helm as its base, Cloudciti CaaS enables simple provisioning, orchestration, and management of containerized applications. Various logging, monitoring, metering, alerting, and security features are also available to ensure that you have maximum visibility and control over your applications as they scale. Additionally, Cloudciti CaaS has a catalog of containerized middlewares and softwares to improve your development agility.


    Core Benefit

    Use Case

    Cloud technology brings on-demand pool of computing resources for your applications. However, to effectively utilize this resource you need to create cloud-native, 12-factor-based applications which complies with the existing regulations.

    Our solution is equipped with the tools you need to develop such an application, such as Microclimate, WebSphere® Liberty, a DevOps toolchain, and database services. These allows you to create portable services that are secure and cloud-ready.

    It is also important to leverage on new techniques and technologies to improve time-to-market and accelerate business innovation. However, it is also unrealistic to discard existing applications. One common solution to this is to use the microservices architecture.

    Our container solution is equipped with development and automation tools to assist you in your journey towards microservices. It also uses open source products so that you don't have to worry about vendor lock-in. Additionally, our solution comes with various middleware and software to enrich your development process.

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