Cloudciti Enterprise Mobile Collaboration Platform

Suite of communication tools to improve productivity of mobile worker by enriching the team interaction and collaboration

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Product Overview

Boost the Efficiency of your Teams in the Field

Cloudciti Enterprise Mobile Collaboration Platform is a software solution that empowers organizations to manage field employees and remote workers with a straightforward, secure and reliable mobile messaging service.

Cloudciti Enterprise Mobile Collaboration Platform is the solution to many Enterprise IT concerns.

Cloudciti Enterprise Mobile Collaboration Platform solves CTO/CIO/Network Admin issues:

  • Massive use of Smartphones overtaking as a standard over a secured corporate laptop environment.
  • Time lost with email (never ending group email threads, or using email in a non-appropriate/efficient way, especially when involving remote employees).
  • Security hazard of having confidential company information shared on unsecure, encrypted OTT apps and thus potentially hacked
  • Absence of company dedicated channel/app/tool for intra-company mobile communications
  • Employees’ emotional remoteness from company identity when using a mobile device
  • Monitor professional communication only and save on cost related to employees communications
  • Tracks employees movement and checkpoint by using features of Geo Location and NFC Tag

Cloudciti Enterprise Mobile Collaboration Platform solves employees’ problems:

  • Time lost with email (never ending group email threads, or using email in a non-appropriate/efficient way, especially when involving remote employees).
  • Need a quick answer to a question from a colleague on the go and don’t want to interrupt him by calling him for that or waiting until he is back to the office.
    • Get/share multimedia information easily with team and quicker than traditional SMS app
  • Difficulty to separate personal and professional communications in companies pushing a BYOD policy.
  • Find contacts easily and quickly anyone in the company while on the go with company address book automatically integrated/

Key Features

Secured Mobile Text Messaging

Cloudciti Enterprise Mobile Collaboration Platform run has carrier-grade secured communication. Fully secure client/server connection (TLS). SIP-S-based client/server communications encryption.

File, Multimedia, Contact, Calendar Sharing

Share any business file type with your colleagues using Cloudciti Enterprise Mobile Collaboration Platform. Share your contacts with others. Boost your team productivity, share the calendar event within your team members.


Keep up with ongoing work conversations from the office or on the go with the Web version of the service. Chats synch in real time from your smartphone to your desktop so that you don't miss a bit of the action!

Corporate Directory Automation

Easily manage your team and corporate directory, made available to users automatically. Dont let your new team members ask for your phone number, let the Cloudciti Enterprise Mobile Collaboration Platform push it into their smartphones.

VoIP Call & Walkie-Talkie

Cloudciti Enterprise Mobile Collaboration Platform features VoIP and Walkie-Talkie (Push-to-Talk) with the best audio quality on the market. Reduce Roaming Costs and International Call Costs by initiating or receiving calls over wifi. Turn your Smarphone into an all in one communication tool adding features such as Walkie-Talkie.

Voice Out

Integrate your company PBX / Voice Gateway (SIP based) with TOTR VoIP feature. Voice out feature make your TOTR Service able to call outside numbers (land & mobile) and to receive call from its.

NFC Tag & Geo Location

Automate your Employee check-in/check-out Inventory operations, finished task alerts/status updates. Use the Geo Location to track your employee movement in real time or history time. Combination of NFC Tag and Geo Location can improve your supervision management quality.

Close User Group, Walkie Talkie Channel

Turn your team into a close user group, let team members don’t lose any information. Walkie-Talkie channel let team members easily connected each other on a Walkie-Talkie session.

Webservices API

Integrate your company information system with TOTR Webservices. Let your employees get connected and interacting with company information system via TOTR platform.

Core Benefits

Separate private and non-private communications

Closed user group messaging

Dinamic directory at a glance with instant updates

Reduce communication cost

Share information on internal or cloud file server

Data record

Use Case

Hospitality Service

Fast reaction to solve guest problems by using TOTR features. Replace conventional Walkie-Talkie. Efficient communications between different departments. Maximize Hotel Wi-Fi usage and reduce communication costs. NFC Tag Check-In & Check-Out for room services.


Improve group communications in Logistics Company. Use Walkie-Talkie to Broadcast in real-time Information. Track field employee by using Geo Location. Report in real-time works progress and problems via picture/video multimedia. Connect the field employee to the company information system using TOTR Webservices.


Improve coordination between teams and responsiveness. Improving crisis resolution and customer satisfaction. Track team members by using Geo Location. Communicate instantly & securely with security teams on the ground with real time multimedia incident information.


TOTR secure the government internal communication. Share any business file securely. Improving crisis resolution and preserve data confidentiality. Boost productivity of Government employee. Reducing government communication cost.


Creating a sense of community fostering communication and cooperation among the parents, students and teachers. Facilitate communication among staff based on departments. Reducing communication cost. Increasing staff’s sense of belonging in the community.



TOTR Basic

TOTR Standard

TOTR Enterprise

99.9% guaranteed uptime SLA with Service Credit
24/7 local NOC & technical support (Indonesia)
24/7 local SOC (Indonesia)
Local Datacenter (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Secured Multimedia messaging(Android & iOS)
File, multimedia, contact, calendar sharing
Contact directory automation
Closed Groups and Departments
NFC Tag (available for Android devices)
Web Administration
Remote Data wipe-out
API for 3rd party system integration
Secure VoIP Calls & Walkie Talkie
Closed Walkie Talkie Channels
Desktop and Tablet Calls and PTT
Geolocation Dashboard
Real-time Position Tracking on the Map
Exportable Location History Reports
Export location information via API
Price IDR 63.000 /user/month IDR 113.000* /user/month IDR 179.000* /user/month
*Volume Discount Available

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