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    Comprehensive Security Assessment consists of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

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    Service Overview

    To get a complete picture of your information security system condition enables you to improve the planning and development of your security posture. To help you conduct a thorough and objective information security assessment, Sentriciti Security Professional Service provides comprehensive vulnerability assessment and penetration testing service.

    SPS is a T-1 prevention services. Full suite of red team security testing covering from vulnerability scanning and analysis, methodical blackbox and whitebox penetration testing, to reporting and remediation support.

    Vulnerability Assessment is a process to determine the risk of vulnerabilities in an information system. Vulnerability assessment activities start from the discovery phase up to vulnerability scanning phase.

    The vulnerablity assessment carried out through vulnerability scanning is in between the process of information gathering and penetration testing. The purpose of vulnerability assessment is to discover as many vulnerabilities of an information system as possible.

    Penetration Testing is the process of simulating attacks to validate the vulnerability risks and determine how a hacker try to intrude to an information system. This penetration testing process utilizes information obtained during discovery phase and the vulnerabilities list from the vulnerability assessment. Besides validating the findings of vulnerability assessment, penetration testing process also performs other types of attacks to exploit other potential vulnerabilities in the system.

    Key Features

    Tailor-made scope of work

    Tailored to customer needs for security testing planning and execution

    International Security Testing Framework

    Datacomm offer International standardized framework and methodology for security testing (NIST, OSSTMM, PTES, OWASP)

    Experienced and Certified Security Professional

    Penetration testing, reporting and consulting conducted by CISSP, GSEC, GCIH certified and hands-on Security Professionals

    Comprehensive reporting and actionable recommendation

    Datacomm deliver comprehensive testing report including effective recommendation for mitigation

    Core Benefits

    Be ahead of hackers to know and fix/patch found vulnerabilities.

    Maintain acceptable security exposure risks level.

    Reduce human resources management hassles.

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