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    Real-time information security monitoring, log and thread analysis of information security, responses and recommendations on security incidents.

    Hubungi Kami

    Service Overview

    Information security monitoring plays an important role to provides your company’s actual information security condition and to guarantee the implementation of good information security practices

    Sentriciti Secure Remote Monitoring (SRM) is a zero – near real-time detection services. 24/7 around-the-clock proactive security monitoring from Datacomm SOC. Security incident alert includes threat vector and landscape analysis, impact analysis and incident handling recommendation.

    How We Will Help You ?

    Simply send logs of your information security system devices to the Event Manager we put in your place, we will immediately start monitoring security related activities and immediately report to you when a security incident is detected. Our report will include effective recommendation steps you can take to handle the incident. You can also view statistics and records of incidents through our web dashboard services that you can access from anywhere.

    Key Features

    24/7 around the clock monitoring

    Datacomm deliver 24x7 remote monitoring done from Datacomm Security Operation Center

    24/7 helpdesk

    24x7 Service Desk for around-the-clock incident support or consulting

    ISO 27001 Certified

    Datacomm has been successfully obtained the ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security Management System certification by British Standards Institution

    Global Threat Inteligence

    Datacomm provide information to customers about the threat that is global and trends, which is shared by partners and providers

    Staged and Guaranteed SLA for Alert

    Datacomm offers three levels of SLA for security incident response time. Each level is divided into two time target.

      P1-High P2-Medium P3-Low Remarks
    Analysis Time 30 Min 60 Min 90 Min

    Analysis Time is the total time required to analyse the suspected security incident and develop remediation plan.
    Analysis Time = Ticket Creation Timestamp - Incident's Latest Log Timestamp

    Notification Time 15 Min 15 Min 15 Min

    Notification Time is the total time required to notify customer after analysis has been done and remediation plan has been made (Analysis Time).
    Notification Time = Email Sent Timestamp - Ticket Creation Timestamp

    Experienced and certified security professional (GIAC, ISACA, ISC^2)

    Based on DoD.8570 directives, Datacomm encourages its security professionals to pursue hands-on highly technical GIAC certification and security management based ISC^2 and ISACA certification

    Web-Based User Dashboard

    Web-based dashboard has a function for the customer to get transparency of service provided, and it can be accessed anywhere anytime by customer.

    Ad-Hoc and Periodic Reporting

    Two reporting model will be delivered to customer, Ad-Hoc and periodic reporting

    Core Benefits

    Faster monitoring service enablement

    Fast and accurate security incident detection and effective recommendation

    Fast and accurate security incident detection and effective recommendation

    Reduce human resources management hassles.

    Proven process to complement customer's existing process

    24 x 7 x 365 Support

    Equipped with antivirus & antispam

    Guaranteed physical and logically data security with our ISO 27001 certification

    24 x 7 x 365 Security Operation Center

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