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    Service Overview

    Web Isolation as a Service (WIaaS) is a web-based proxy service that allows you to have a safe and secure way for surfing the web.

    This revolutionary new method of isolating all web content in cloud-based, 24/7 secure browser will prevent attacks from malicious websites or malware from ever reaching your devices. Making the web much safer and you can click with peace of mind – because prevention is the best method of protection.

    With the advancements in our connectivity and the availability of the internet, the ever-increasing threat of malicious websites and other methods of compromising web security, such as Phishing, Malware, Trojan, Worm, and Viruses become much more prevalent. Thus, finding a safe and foolproof way of accessing the internet became ever more important.

    How do Sentriciti WiaaS work?

    Unlike antiviruses which only acts after detecting these threats, Web Isolation as a Service kept them from even coming close by executing them in a safe environment in the cloud. Only after that would the results be mirrored to you, effectively filtering the content for your perusal.


    Core Benefit

    100% threat proof web surfing

    Full Control over the use policy of certain websites

    OPEX. Pay what you use

    Log History of websites visited

    Use Case

    An Enterprise usually deal with a large amount of emails, attachments, and data, circulating in and out of an Enterprise on daily basis. Protecting your business from malicious attacks such as malwares and viruses is extremely important and protecting business continuity. WIaaS provides the means by which an Enterprise can do this easily. With easy to follow instructions and without the need to install complicated applications, you will be ready to browse the internet safely and securely in no time.

    With recent developments of sophisticated viruses and malwares, government functions are considered a large target, experiencing thousands of attacks every day. With sensitive data and governmental documents being handled daily, it is critical to the government to prevent attack from external sources, WIaaS can prevent these attacks from coming in. It can also help users in preventing sensitive data from being posted in the internet.

    Using Web Isolation as a Service, users from education entities can make use of the configurable user privilege, blacklist-whitelist service, and policies to prevent students from entering dangerous sites or entering their private data in malicious sites. Thus, allowing them to experience the internet in a safe and secure environment for education purposes.


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