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    Integrated Digital Plantation Solution for Plantation Industry

    As both the largest producer of palm oil and the 8th largest sugar cane producing country in the world, Indonesia is no doubt one of the most significant player in the plantation industry. In fact, palm oil contributes between 1.5 - 2.5 percent of Indonesia's gross domestic product (GDP).

    Like many large industries, plantations will face many challenges specific to its industry. Whether it pertains logistics, worker monitoring, maintenance of heavy equipment, or planning and tracking during the harvesting of raw materials, it is important to keep track of all of them. Especially with the large size of the location, it will take a lot to organize them efficiently without a tool.

    Palm oil and sugarcane industries could gain much benefit and solve these problems by implementing SMART AGRICULTURE. Which will add value to your business with consistent, real-time tracking and monitoring, which will help for just-in-time decision. reporting, and forecasting.

    By using our SMART AGRICULTURE solution, you will be able to focus more on your business, enabling you to increase your productivity by increasing your effectivity.

    The SMART AGRICULTURE Solution for the Plantation Industry

    SMART AGRICULTURE is a Digital Solution for palm oil and sugar cane plantation industry. Which is an integrated cloud and mobile based applications that will allow for improvement in operational and organizational activities of plantation industry. As plantations usually encompasses vast pieces of lands in remote locations, it is important to also add this fact into the solution. And we did just that.

    SMART AGRICULTURE solution is the result of partnership involving Datacomm Cloud Business, AMS Teknologi, Integrasia Utama, and eKomoditi. In this alliance, Datacomm provides the Data Center with the certifications for ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 9000, PCI-DSS, RATED-3 and DCOS-4 TIA-942

    This complete and integrated solution consists of different modules, which are shown below:

    1. Moving and Stationary Asset Monitoring Module
    2. Workers Monitoring and Tracking Module
    3. Analytics combined with WebGIS and MAP-GIS Module
    4. Logistics Module
    5. ERP Module for Plantation

    Challenges for Plantation Industry to compete in the global market

    As shown in Graph 1, plantation industry is a still growing industry with a lot of potential. With that profitability comes some challenges that are unique to its industry. Thus, for a plantation to be able to function efficiently and effectively so that they can stay on top of the competition, there is a need for a solution that is reliable, fast, precise, and secure.

    Graph 1. Growth of Palm Oil Plantation in Indonesia from 1980 - 2016

    Sumber : Perkembangan Mutakhir Industri Minyak Sawit Indonesia

    However, adopting IT into the plantation industry also comes with a few challenges:

    How we solve some of the unique challenges of plantations

    As shown in Table 1, the size of plantations areas is often very vast and often have bad connectivity due to its remote locations. That is why we use a combination of IoT and cloud infrastructure to solve this challenge.

    Name 2017
    Oil Palm 14.048.722 hectar
    Sugar Cane 420.146 hectar

    Table 1. Total size of palm oil and sugar cane plantations in Indonesia (Hectar) Status Per tahun 2017

    Sumber : Areal Palm Oil

    Based on Table 2, with such a large size, there is also the need for staffs who can maintain it. Starting from field workers, managers, to office staffs, locations heads an everything in between. It would be a waste of time if they had to clock in and clock off in the office before heading to their designated position. With our GEOHR, they will be able to do so in the field.

    Uraian 2000 2010 2014 2015 2016
    Tenaga Kerja Petani Sawit 1.360.000 3.420.000 4.104.100 4.281.548 4.432.362
    Karyawan 717.916 1.199.552 3.202.200 3.352.422 3.454.532
    Tenaga Kerja Kebun Sawit 2.077.916 4.619.552 7.306.300 7.633.970 7.886.894

    Table 2. Growth of number of workers in Palm Oil Plantation in Indonesia

    Sumber : Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit Tidak Berperan Dalam Menurunkan Pengangguran di Pedesaan (Mitos)

    With out IoT systems, we could also provide real-time data of the condition in the field. Giving the customer accurate data for precipitations, fire hazard, and humidity just to name a few. So that the customers can have more time to focus on the business.

    These are just some examples of the challenges that can be solved with our our SMART AGRICULTURE.

    Factors that must be thought of for the digitalization of Plantation Industry

    This alliance offers a cloud based integrated ERP solution for use in Plantation Industry. By working together with partners of DCB that are experts in IT services plantations, we combined the best applications targeted specifically for the plantation industry.  

    What are the services that could be expected from this product?

    An End-to-End ERP Solution with analytics and WebGIS and MAPGIS capability, integrated with logistics, asset management, attendance system that could be used even in remote places. Also Call Centers or On-site or Off-site Support depending on the module. Optional add-on also includes: Backup and Disaster Recovery in a local data center.

    How big is the investment?

    With the services being situated in the Cloud, we changed the traditional CAPEX (Capital Expense) into OPEX (Operational Expense), which is monthly subscription-based. Mitigating the cost of management and maintenance for IT infrastructure. Allowing the customer to focus on their business.

    Depending on the solutions utilized there might be some IoT tools that will be used, which will be provided by Integrasia for a fee.

    Other than that, only handheld mobiles, laptops, or tablet needed to be able to access the applications through the internet are needed.

    Any subsequent applications which the customer wanted can be added according to the customer's needs.

    Smart Agriculture Module Description

    This module is used for the monitoring and optimization of assets. This solution can also be integrated with an asset information system that may already exist and has been used today. In addition, this solution can display visual images for information such as photos, videos or digital documents on the map.

    There are two types of SIOPAS application.

    1. Stationary Asset Monitoring Module named. For example: Land, Building, Bridge, etc
    2. Moving Asset Monitoring Module named SIOPASPlus for moving asset. For example: Ambulance, Operational Vehicle, Heavy Equipment dll

    For more information Click Here

    This module is a Web Portal system that integrates office staff attendance data and the Mobile Phone Attendance Application for on-duty staffs that can be accessed from anywhere.

    With GEOHR portal, staffs can increase their efficiency and effectivity. Other than as data for staff’s KPI, it can also help in ensuring safety of staffs working out of the office by using panic button.

    For more information Click Here

    This module named OSMAP is a geospatial data management module including engine development that allows plantations to speed up the development of web-based geospatial information system that integrates the transaction data from the ERP system into a the geospatial(map) data.

    For more information Click Here

    This module is combined with the WebGIS and MAP-GIS to provide data analytics based on satellite imagery with 1-2 weeks wait time, in high resolution. The module works together with the IoT sensors in the field and Artificial Intelligence password to produce the following data:

    1. Plantation Harvest Result Forecast
    2. Pest Management
    3. Fire Warning
    4. Plants Health
    5. Water Management
    6. Fire Hazard, etc.

    For more information Click Here

    This module can raise the effective utilization of transportation, work safety, and logistic efficiency. OSLOG also provides help in other areas such as:

    1. Receiving Delivery
    2. Monitoring Delivery
    3. Finishing Delivery

    Data that can be gathered with OSLOG are:

    1. Selling Performance
    2. On Time Delivery
    3. Duration of Delivery
    4. Key Performance Indicator (KPI), etc.

    For more information Click Here

    This module gives the customer easy access to the main operational information in plantations for decision making. Allowing for clearer, faster, and easier decision with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) specific for plantation called EPCS-IPLAS.

    This module works in combination with EPCS installed android mobiles to lessen mistakes from the wrong data due to the Global Positioning System (GPS) data in the form of real image of the field.

    This also reduce redundant data and the use of physical reports.

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